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Chronic periodontitis is managed by scaling and root planing ("deep cleaning"), oral hygiene instruction and, in some cases, periodontal surgery. 


Gingival (gum) recession can often be corrected or improved by grafting. A variety of techniques can be used and Dr. Lamberts can discuss with you which options would work best in your case. The goal of this procedure is to thicken tissue and cover some or all of the exposed root. 


If you feel as though your front teeth look short or that you have a "gummy smile", you may be a candidate for esthetic crown lengthening. In this procedure, excess gum tissue is removed to expose more of the natural tooth crown and improve the appearance of your smile.


If a tooth is badly broken down, the surrounding gums and bone can be reshaped to help rebuild the tooth with a filling or crown. 


When teeth are lost, the bone that used to support the teeth shrinks away over time. This can make it difficult to replace teeth with dental implants. Fortunately, in most cases, bone grafting can rebuild the jaw bone for future tooth replacement.


Dental implants are titanium posts that are  placed in the jaw bone to replace teeth. They mimic tooth roots and can be used to support crowns (caps), bridges or dentures.

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