Scaling and Root Planing "Deep Cleaning"


Why has my dentist or periodontist recommended scaling and root planing?


Your dentist or periodontist will recommended scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) when signs of periodontal disease are noted during a complete examination of your mouth.


Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition caused by the accumulation of bacteria under the gums and attached to the tooth root. This collection of bacteria can lead your body to react in a way that causes progressive loss of the bone and soft tissue that surround your teeth. Deep gingival (gum) pockets develop around the teeth which lead to more accumulation of bacteria and worsening bone loss. If untreated, the disease often leads to tooth loss.


Not only does periodontal disease affect your teeth and gums, but many studies have linked it to conditions that effect your entire body - diabetes, heart disease, stroke, poor pregnancy outcomes, etc. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is more important than you may think!


Scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) removes the hard and soft deposits of bacteria on the roots which leads to resolution of the inflammation and helps to prevent further bone and tissue loss. This “deep cleaning” usually involves freezing, and may be done over a series of appointments. Once scaling and root planing is complete,  a follow-up examination will be scheduled six weeks later to assess healing.


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