Dental Implants


Dental implants are titanium posts that are gently placed in the jaw bone to replace one or multiple teeth. They mimic tooth roots and can be used to support crowns (caps), bridges or dentures. Implants have a rough surface so that bone cells can grow into the small crevices on the implant and integrate the implant into the surrounding bone. This integration means that dental implants can be very successful and long-lasting treatment options.


The procedure

The procedure is done with local anesthesia. Nitrous oxide sedation is available to make you more comfortable. Dr. Lamberts will gently insert the titanium dental implant into your jaw bone. The implant is usually allowed to heal in bone for several weeks or months, depending on your case. Bone grafting may be required prior to or at the time of implant placement to increase the volume of bone at the implant site. 


After the procedure

Minor swelling of the surgical site is to be expected in the first few days. It is recommended to ice the area on and off for the first 24-48 hours. Dr. Lamberts will recommend or prescribe medication to manage any discomfort you may experience. Detailed post operative instructions will be given to you before and after the procedure. 


The results

After the implant has healed, your general dentist will fabricate a crown, bridge or denture to attach to the implant. Once this procedure is complete, you should be able to function with your implant as you would a natural tooth.  


If you are interested in replacing missing teeth or improving the stability of a loose denture, you can contact our office for a consulation. 




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